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  • Improving the Built Environment

    Improving the Built Environment
  • The Promise of Building Information Modeling and Beyond

    The Promise of Building Information Modeling and Beyond
  • Integrated and Collaborative Processes

    FIntegrated and Collaborative Processes

Improving the Built Environment


D&D Engineering is a forward thinking full service consulting engineering firm focused on applying innovative engineering, energy management and conservation solutions to achieve sensible, sustainable MEP design. Our purpose is to improve the built environment with high performance designs that balance environmental and user concerns, constructability, schedule and budget, through the common sense and thoughtful application of integrated engineering solutions.

The Promise of Building Information Modeling and Beyond


D&D Engineering has always invested freely in technology. As CAD has evolved from 2D to 3D and then to Building Information Modeling, D&D has lead the MEP community in the implementation of new solutions and the resultant realization of benefit from their use in project work.


BIM has progressed in adoption throughout the AEC professions and will become main stream in the not too distant future. D&D implemented the Autodesk Revit solution for MEP engineering, a true BIM tool, at its first release two years ago, and has completed numerous projects with it. This experience has made two things apparent; the possibility of a new way of designing and constructing buildings based on the integration of the separate BIM processes from each AEC member, and the corresponding promise that we can obtain the sustainable built environment we need, with much less waste, through this process of integration.

Integrated and Collaborative Processes


Integration plays a role not only in engineering processes, for example combining passive and active Lighting design, then right-sizing – but more importantly in the relationships between all stakeholders involved, not only in the design of a building, also in the construction, use and maintenance throughout its lifecycle. The best way to achieve the built solutions we need is to collaborate more closely, front load design decisions, and integrate our separate processes into one.